School Visits/Events

Author/illustrator, Cate Douglas, visits schools all across the UK, delivering her exciting workshops to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


After listening to Cate reading Poppy's Tail, the children have the opportunity to ask questions, share their ideas and expand their imagination. Cate also brings along a huge suitcase full of animal tails for the children to wear and play-act the animal of their choice to music—never a dull moment! She also provides a pack of activity sheets for use in the classroom and each child receives a free Poppy's Tail bookmark and sticker to take home.

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For more information and bookings, please email or call 020 7289 1215 or 07974 152882

“The staff and children in Reception and Year One really enjoyed ‘Poppy’s Tail’ and I am very thankful that you took the time to share it with all of us.”  (Rebecca Leviston, Ravenscourt Park Prep School, London) 

“From start to finish, all the children were captivated by ‘Poppy’s Tail’. Both boys and girls engaged with it and enjoyed trying on different tails and sharing why they had chosen them. The whole experience ignited the children’s imagination and got them enthused by reading. Thank you for making our World Book Day so memorable.”  (Krystyna Flanc, South Farnham Educational Trust) 

“Many thanks again for coming in to read Poppy’s Tail to the children. Your interactive session was hugely popular and the children loved donning a tail and becoming part of the story.”  (Christopher McMinn, Headmaster, St Mark’s Hall Nursery School, London)

“It was great of you to come in and share your book, the children absolutely loved it!”  (Morwenna Davies, Kew Green Preparatory School, London)    

“It made me feel happy because Cate let us try the tails on.”

“I loved the book because it rhymed and I love rhyming books.”

“It was exciting because we tried on the tails. She read the story and it made me want my own tail.”

“I think I really want to be an author so I could read my books to children. I would write about monsters.”

“I want to be an author like Cate now so I can write books for my little sister.”

(Reception, Little Kingshill Combined School, Bucks)  


“Cate Douglas enthused and engaged the children and they joined in with the story-telling, being able to predict due to the rhyming text. Cate also brought along lots of tails from the story for the children to try on, and they were delighted to become the 'tail character'. She was then 'interviewed' by the KS1 and Reception children, as part of their topic about authors and illustrators, and spoke with enthusiasm about writing stories and the personal rewards writing can bring.”  (Lesley Osman, Black Torrington School, Devon)

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